For those guests, who don't know the couple, we would like to introduce them to you:

Andreas Hung Quoc is mostly known as "Andreas. He lives and works in Houston. For some people Houston is known as the city with the great variety of good food. But don't get deceived by him, he was born in Munich and can combine various American accents.

Thuy Linh is a born Bavarian girl, who is with mostly known as "Linh" among Vietnamese people. Though she also is called "Kate". She likes to travel around the world and loves good food. Isn't it a coincidence, that she can be spotted in Houston several times throughout the year? ;p

Besides many hobbies like rc-equipments, tinkering and building, both have a bigger common hobby in the sports field. Andreas has been mountenbiking for years, but she discovered this sports about 4 years ago. Ever since both go mountenbiking in the nature, once they find some time.


Both know each other since childhood. If they did not do the altair service in the Vietnamese community, they probably were out and about, but up to no good. They grew up together until their ways got separated. His family moved to the US, while her family remained in Germany.

Years later, both met again during Andreas' longer business stay in Germany. After he left back to the US, both remained just good friends. This changed when they met again.

After 5 years of long distance relationship, thousand emails and texts, houerlong phone calls and the back and forth travel, he decided to propose to her. In the middle of the French city of love he asked her to marry him. Both married (civil wedding ceremony) last year in Houston, Texas.

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